Cara Lopez Lee
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Snapshots of a few places Cara traveled during her story,
They Only Eat Their Husbands:


They Only Eat their Husbands

"Running away is vastly underrated."
   —Cara Lopez Lee

"I've read many memoirs, but it's rare when an author really opens up and divulges her innermost insecurities. Cara Lopez Lee never leaves a question unanswered and brings the reader right into her roller coaster world of abandonment, commitment phobic/alcoholic boyfriends, and her colorful surroundings...No matter your background, you'll be able to take something from this book, whether it's how to stand up for yourself, how to steer clear of an unhealthy relationship, how to trust your instincts, or how to live according to your rules."
   —Susan Blumberg-Kason, author of the memoir Good Chinese Wife (Sourcebooks, Spring 2014)

"I loved Cara Lopez Lee's memoir. The characters are as well drawn as those in novels, the relationship dynamics fascinating, and the journey of self-discovery very satisfying. I don't know how she came up with the book's structure—very risky—but it definitely works. The voice in the memoir is charming and honest, without being cloying or precious. It's a voice you definitely want to spend time with."
   —Barbara Wright, author of the novel Plain Language (Touchstone), winner of a Spur award from the Western Writers of America

At 26, after a lover threatens to shoot her, Cara runs away to Alaska. During her nine years in the Last Frontier, she lands in a love triangle with two alcoholics: a paraglider pilot obsessed with danger and a martial artist obsessed with death. At 35, sick of addicts, Cara runs again, to backpack around the world alone.

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